Whether Your Application Is For Steel / Refinery / Power / Aerospace / Energy Or General Industry We Can Design A Crane To Fit Your Requirements.
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A machine is a good as its performance. While all our machines are designed and built to perform flawlessly and tirelessly, some machines could breakdown due to wear and tear or fatigue. Whatever be the cause, breakdown could be disastrous. Not to talk about your production loss, but production may not reach its target.

Why AMC is required give original/Crane manufacturer:

  • Expertise in working at height with all safety procedure, where some of the company’s staff are not allowed to work at height.
  • Can attend the service in minimum time and reduced the production loss.
  • Expertise in analyzed the critical spare parts, wear & tear of machine parts which can reduced the brake down of cranes/Hoists.
  • Can give Quick service for bake down call/emergency call, by mean of this will reduce the production loss.
  • Will support in supply in spare parts in time.
  • Will provide the service regular interval to make sure the cranes/hoist work smoothly.

Therefore, we RHS Cranes & Components propose for Annual Maintenance/Service of your Material handling Equipment like EOT Cranes/Gantry Cranes/Jib Cranes/Electric Hoists/Manuals Hoists.

Scope of AMC:

  • Planning and scheduling maintenance activity
  • Regular check-ups and inspections
  • Ensuring regular lubrication
  • Maintaining records and analysis
  • Training the maintenance staff
  • Planning inventory of spare parts
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