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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoist are suitable for Medium/ heavy duty operation and are designed in acoundace with IS:3938. Electric Wire Rope Hoist are designed in modular construction with each complacent easily accessible for maintenance. SS The Rope drum, Gear Box, Motor, Brake and panel can be easily attended to, the frame is of study design fabricated from steel plates it is welded/ Bolted type.


All steel fabricated. Machined and bolted type. The Gear Box is rigidly aligned with the end load plates by substantially holding a transfer member which also forms the motor platform for foot mounted motors.


6x19 or 6X37 construction special plough steel HEMPCORE flexible steel wire rope having a safety factor of '6' for class II and '7' for class III duty is provided on the Hoists. Galvanized and other constructions of ropes can be provided for special applications.


Carbon or alloy steel machine cut, hobbed teeth, helical and spur gears with solid pinions running on balls/ roller/needle Bearings with oil bath lubrications. Gears can be examined without dismantling, by just opening the top cover.


Hoist duty safety low voltage Siemens air break contractor type, protective control panel complete with safety self looking fuses, connectors, dust proof sheet metal housing, cable glands, is provide on every Hoist. Low voltage P.V.C, moulded type push button station I suspended from the hoists by steel support wire for convenient floor operation.


Steel fabricated Drum, is machine grooved to IS 3938 and BSS 466 to accommodate the whole working length of rope in one layer, allowing two dead turns and proving the rope in one layer, allowing two dead turns and providing for rope stretch. The drum revolves on amply rated EN-8 shafting on Ball or Roller Bearings.


over winding us prevented by a hook operated totally enclosed shut limit switch in the Control circuit, An additional rotary switch directly coupled to the drum shaft can also be fitted to provide both up and down limits at a small extra cost a series type over-hoisting power limit switch is also available as optional.


Every Hoist motor is coupled with an Electro Magnetic Shoe type Brake-Cutter Hammer, Indian make or Electric Magnetic Disc type Brake EMCO or PETHE make, which act whenever power supply is cut off from the motor, capable of suspending the load at any height. Hoist brakes are easy to adjust for wear or lining renewal and rated for a minimum capacity of 150% motor running torque to ensure safe holding of the load.


Drop forged steel 'C' type Shark Hook, with ball trust bearing mounted on heavy cross head trunion, supported on guarded sheave casing and load plates designed to IS 3938 and BS 466. Hooks are tested to 100% overload before use. Safe working load indicator plates are provided on the Hook Block.


Normally Squirrel Cage induction Motors designed and manufactured to IS 325 of 1961 of reputed make viz, NGEF/SIEMENS/GEC and other equivalent make are used in 'RHS'hoists. Only hoist using fan cooled international frame size totally enclosed 25% CDF high starting torque motors with shaft extension whenever necessary H.P. and RPM ratings are constantly matched to loads and speeds on all models based on 150 starts per hour.


Trolley wheel load frames are rigidly bolted to series of holes in the end frames, provided with adjustments in 3 mm steps is also available on runner wheel axles, Runner wheels on Ball bearings, are mounted on EN-8 steel axles. Motorized trolley units have a heat treated Carbon Steel spur gear, oil bath lubrication, totally enclosed, trolley gear boxes, coupled with international frame size Electric Motors, Push Trolley and hand Geared Trolley are also offered. Standard Trollies are intended for straight tracks and special flexible trolley units are also available to provide door curved track operations. Adjustable bolt suspensions rigid trolleys for straight tracks are also standard items.
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