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Double Girder Cranes

Cranes Selection

As per Indian standard Specifications 807:2006 and 3177:1999 Cranes have basically divided into four Classes

Light Duty
New Classification M3

These are normal maintenance cranes which are not in constant use. Cranes for periodical maintenance of plant and machinery come under this category. These type of cranes have rated life not less than 20 years of 250 days per year and 1/2 hour working time per day. Their speed are slow and the structures are light.

Medium Duty
New Classification M5

This class perhaps Covers the largest number of cranes used in the industry. In Workshop, Foundries, Processing Plant, important ware-houses and in fact areas, where a fair degree of activity exists. These type of cranes have rated life not less than 20 years of 300 days per year and 1 1/2 hour working time per day.

Heavy Duty
New Classification M7

For Workshops and production shops, where the cranes, in a addition to normal handling work, also become a part of production process. These type of cranes whose highest importance is in steel industry important storage and in some other selected industries. These are for continuous duty operation. These types of cranes have rated life not less than 20 years of 333 days per year and 6 hour working time per day.

Double Girder Cranes

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